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Online Marketting

Digital Marketing Consists Predominantly of Content Marketing

There is no universally accepted definition of content marketing, but according to
the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is the marketing and Business
Process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire,
and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of
driving profitable customer action” (Content Marketing Institute, 2015).

Content marketing is what a company creates and shares to tell its
story. Businesses must gain the trust of potential clients to provide their services to them and thereby complete the provider to end user cycle and to impose themselves on the market.

To understand a company and its products, consumers need to know what type
of company they are as well as what values are associated with how its employees meet the customers’ needs” (Denning 2011, 47).

Strong brands are based on a story that communicates who the company is. The purpose and need for authenticity in a company is how “who you really are” is communicated.  So, it stands to reason then, that the content marketing of any company should be based on the company’s true values.  

The objectives, and strategies, of content marketing

The strategy of content marketing must be adapted to each company, while considering
these elements:

– increasing the brand awareness;
– “building a relationship based on trust with the target;
– attracting new leads;
– solving the problems related to low audience;
– creating a need for a specific product;
– developing customer loyalty;

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