Lead Generation Systems

Another option many are choosing is to outsource all your online marketing to More Business 4 U dotcom. We build special marketing systems utilizing the latest methods of generating Customer Initiated, Exclusive, Leads

Stand Alone Lead Gen Systems Created Specifically For Your Business

Unlike Many Familiar Lead Generation Sites, Our Lead Generation Systems Provide A Steady Stream Of Exclusive Customer Initiated Leads By Potential Customers Needing Your Services

Your business could have an ongoing stream of ten to twenty customer initiated, EXCLUSIVE, leads per month for either a flat fee or on the basis of a percentage of closed business after a reasonable set up fee. These leads would be potential customers searching for your services that would be exclusively sent to your business instead of four or five other competing businesses who have also paid for that same lead. How differently you can quote for business that you don’t have to quickly chase to get there before competitors? This system may be your answer to the complete answer to your online marketing strategy. 

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LEAD GERATIONthe action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

Just like the wind turbines we see in the fields around Northern California, which have been erected and then left alone to generate electric power 24 hours a day, our Lead Generation Systems create a “round the clock” stream of new leads to your business. With minimal maintenance and watch care, power is sent to your business when you’re working and when you’re sleeping. And when we at morebusiness4u.com push all the correct buttons, you have a constant stream of leads to your inbox while you tend to other responsibilities. Would your business benefit from a constant flow of quote opportunities? Would you be able to grow your business with a continuing influx of requests for your services? Think of our Lead Generation Systems as an online source of power empowering your business so you could level up to a volume never experienced before. The commerce winds are always blowing. We simply must harness their energy with the right tools, placement and opportunity. Let us be your “power generator” and do what you do best; work your business.

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