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 One of the most overlooked website issues for local service companies is Their Google Business Profile Verification. We’ve seen sites that have been up for years, of all sizes, which have not addressed this simple but important issue. Not only does their site rank lower because of it but until they claim ownership of their own site, they remain vulnerable and open to malicious activity. Additionally they are not able to respond to reviews or questions or to acknowledge them in any way. They cannot link YouTube videos or tours which the Google algorythems recognize as high priority in terms of rankings.

What’s Involved In Getting Your Google Business Profile Verified? 

The Google Business Profile verification process is designed to ensure that the information displayed on Google Maps and Google Search about a business is accurate and trustworthy. When a business owner claims or creates a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), they typically need to verify their affiliation with the business before they can manage and update the profile. Here’s an overview of the Google Business Profile verification process:

Claiming or Creating a Profile: To start, a business owner needs to claim an existing Google Business Profile or create a new one if it doesn’t already exist. This can be done through the Google My Business website or app.

Providing Business Information: The business owner must provide details such as the business name, address, phone number, category, website URL, and other relevant information during the profile setup.

Verification Methods: Google offers several methods for business verification to confirm that the individual claiming the profile is legitimately associated with the business. The available verification methods may vary depending on the location and type of business. Common verification methods include:

    • Postcard Verification: This is the most common method. Google sends a postcard containing a verification code to the business address provided. The business owner then enters this code into their Google Business Profile dashboard to complete the verification.
    • Phone Verification: Some businesses may have the option to verify via phone call or text message. Google will call or text the business phone number with a verification code that needs to be entered online.
    • Email Verification: In some cases, businesses can verify via email. Google sends a verification link to an email associated with the business domain (e.g., businessname@example.com).
    • Instant Verification: Certain businesses that have already verified their website with Google Search Console may be eligible for instant verification, where Google automatically verifies their association with the business.

Verifying the Code: Once the verification method is chosen and the code is received (either via postcard, phone call, text message, or email), the business owner logs into their Google Business Profile dashboard and enters the provided verification code.

Confirmation: After entering the verification code, Google reviews the information and confirms the business’s ownership or association. Once verified, the business owner gains access to manage their Google Business Profile, including updating business hours, adding photos, responding to reviews, and more.

Ongoing Management: It’s important for business owners to keep their Google Business Profile updated with accurate information and respond promptly to customer reviews and queries to enhance their online presence and reputation.

By verifying their Google Business Profile, businesses can ensure that potential customers find accurate and reliable information about their business when searching on Google Maps and Google Search. Verification also helps businesses take advantage of additional features offered through Google My Business to promote their products and services effectively.

You Can Do It Yourself Or Call Us!

Claiming and verifying your company’s Google Business Profile is a vital first step to improving  its visibility on online search engines which definitely translates to increased leads, quotes and business. In addressing these issues and not just complying with today’s business demands but using these elements to thrive, improved visibility becomes key to success. More Business 4 U can, almost, immediately, impact your rankings on Google if these details are dealt with. Contact us at ourbizsolutions4u@gmail.com or click the button below to call for an appointment. 


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