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At More Business 4 U dotcom, you will find more than another Generic Marketing Agency. We are FAith-Based trained online marketers who know how to rank against all competition. We have almost endless skills to promote and rank your business site in any market and we will come along side and share your vision.

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Doing business off-line in today’s world can feel almost futile. With few exceptions, our world has become, not only internet savvy, but more accurately, we have become internet dependent.


If you’re on a trip and your vehicle breaks down requiring lodging for you and your family, the first reaction today is to pull out your device and go straight to Google Search. If you search for motels, Google locates you and all the motels near you and usually pops up a map. Next to it will be one to three Ads but 90% of us will skip right passed them to the organic results right below them where 3 top providers are listed. You can click MORE at the bottom but again 90% of us will simply click on one of these top three. We’ll check the reviews and the location and click on the one of our choice which takes us to their Google property and in a few short minutes, a room is booked.


Would you think it important that your motel business is listed in those top three? A business can have the most amazing and fancy site out there but if their not “Ranking” correctly, business is lost. This applies to almost any business today.



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