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The Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours


1. People Will Spend More Time On Your Website

Google is impressed when people do a search and don’t immediately come back to the search engine to perform the same search again. If you have virtual tours on your website, this means people will stay on your site for longer, letting Google know they found what they were looking for.

We have seen an increase in the area of 80% in the time people are spending on a site with virtual tours compared to one that doesn’t. This will definitely have a positive impact on your SEO.

2. You Will Receive More Social Signals

If you have virtual tours on your website, you will likely be shared a lot more than sites that don’t have virtual tours. People visiting your website are 50% more likely to share your content than if you didn’t have a virtual tour on your site.

The more people share your content, the more chances that people click on the link to view your web page. This will increase your traffic and in turn will positively affect your rankings.

Especially if you have a virtual tour software that allows you to share the tour on Social media direct from your website – Google KNOWS that people are doing this and if it happens a lot, Google thinks “This page must have interesting information on it for people to share it so often” and thus it will give you more credit towards that page.

3. You Will Receive More “Back Links”

Websites with virtual tours will in general receive 30% more backlinks than sites that don’t have a virtual tour. Why? Because the page where the virtual tour is placed, will have more interesting content and is therefore more valuable to link back to by other companies.

“Link juice” is important to a website, especially if the link is coming from a website that has a high authority. If the site linking back to your website is ranking high in Google then this will positively affect your SEO too and you will soon see that in your own page rankings!

4. You Will Receive More Traffic

The very fact that virtual tours attracts eyes will increase your site’s traffic exponentially.

  • Customers aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to book a place if there is a virtual tour.
  • 50% of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and decision-making process.
  • Customers spend 5 to 10 times more on websites with virtual tours.
  • 67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours.
  • There are more than 5 million visits daily on worldwide virtual tours.
  • Virtual tours increase a business listing’s interest by two-fold.

At More Business 4 U dotcom, we have experience and expertise that enables us to produce your trafic-gathering 360 Virtual Tour in any venu or context which can be purchased as a single service or added to any of our other website services that we offer. 

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